What is the SMARTer2030 Action Coalition?

The SMARTer2030 Action Coalition is an initiative grouping leading companies, governments, multilaterals, NGOs, thought leaders, and community-based organizations around the world with the passion and commitment to develop and apply innovative low-carbon solutions.

 Why SMARTer2030?

The GeSI report SMARTer2030 – ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges analyzed the emissions reduction potentially enabled by ICT in other sectors up to 2030. The Coalition  intends to work to make the report vision reality.

Why ICT?

Digital solutions are indispensable to meeting the goals to keep the world under a 1.5/2°C increase. They underpin cleaner energy for everyone, combating and adapting to climate change, enabling more livable and cleaner cities and improving the efficiency of buildings, mobility, and resource use. Digital solutions possess unique properties to transform the world with speed and impact:

  • They can be diffused widely and accessibly (for instance, the adoption rate for mobile networks is 23x than that of grid electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa);
  • Are people-centric (there will be over 100 billion connected devices by 2030);
  • Drive new business models (the MKopa project, delivering solar-based, off-grid lighting solutions in the developing world, shows a 100% growth rate).

Who is/can be part of this coalition?

The Coalition is open to any organization that understands and commits to its mission, goals and principles. A list of our current partners can be found here.

How is the Coalition structured?

The Coalition secretariat is hosted by GeSI. The overall direction is ensured by an Executive Committee including GeSI and other associations as well as a select number of governments, companies and NGOs, and individuals. Participation in the Executive Committee is by invitation only.

In addition, cross-sectorial Working Groups are foreseen to advance the implementation of specific solutions.

What are the main goals of the Coalition?

The Coalition has two main goals:

(1)  To ensure that the world’s growing use of ICT does not exacerbate carbon emissions by decoupling the global increase in connectivity from energy consumption. This will enable the world to enjoy the benefits from of ICT including its potential to drive forward a low-carbon economy

(2)  To leverage the enabling potential of ICT to reduce CO2e emissions in a broad range of industry sectors while supporting overall economic growth.

For further details, see also our Coalition section.

What is the plan for 2017 and beyond?

The Coalition will develop a series of two-year agendas focusing on using digital solutions to reduce the emissions of 1/2 critical sectors as a start. Starting in 2017, in the first two years the Coalition will focus on energy efficiency in buildings and mobility/transportation. Subsequent years will address sectors such as energy, food, manufacturing, and work and business operations among others to be determined.

Further updates will be posted in our Roadmap section.

Is there a membership fee?

Participation in the Coalition is free of charge for GeSI members. All other Coalition partners contribute to the coalition work with their time, expertise and financially. The financial contribution will be defined as soon as the planned governance structure is in place.

I would still have a question…

Check out the full SMARTer2030 Action Coalition paper, or just drop us an email at info@gesi.org!