The Coalition


To realize the vision laid out in the GeSI SMARTer 2030 report, the Paris Agreement, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through concrete actionable steps at the ICT industry level, business sector level, public policy level, and through public awareness, education, and mobilization.


  • Implement the SMARTer2030 vision of ICT-enabled CO2e reduction of at least 20% compared to 2015 levels;
  • Demonstrate over 2017-18 ICT’s low-carbon enabling potential in two industry sectors: energy efficiency in buildings and mobility/transport (expanding to other sectors in subsequent years);
  • Recognition of the ICT industry as a key sector in climate action on various mechanisms (reporting, solutions, dialogues, consultations), as well as of its central role in meeting the Paris Agreement;
  • Through ICT enablement and transformation, contribute to keep worldwide temperatures below the 1.5/2°C limit;
  • Secure a defined ICT baseline for the ICT sector in the science-based target concept.


  • Engagement on promoting partnerships, projects, processes and policies that contribute to the realization of mitigating climate change while also contributing to positive economic and environmental outcomes;
  • Support for the Coalition’s mission and goals;
  • Commitment to advance an action agenda that implements “smart” ICT-enabled solutions to advance a low-carbon economy. This will include efforts to:
    • Enhance the recognition of ICT’s importance in global climate action;
    • Enable the ICT sector to address its own responsibilities;
    • Advance solutions to harness the enabling potential of digital solutions across other sectors;
    • Advocate for policies on the global, national, and local level that support the effort to deploy low-carbon digital solutions;
    • Spread the word about the low-carbon potential of ICT;
  • Monitor and report transparently on achievements.

To learn more, please see the full SMARTer2030 Action Coalition paper.